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Video surveillance and Analytics

TECHNOVIEW has pioneered as a leader in various surveillance solutions. Our solutions has been implemented in various verticals which include Manufacturing, FMCG, IT, Institutions, Health Care etc. TECHNOVIEW is partnered and has implemented projects with most of the global brands such as Honeywell, Panasonic, Axis Communications, Pelco, Samsung, Bosch and many more. TECHNOVIEW also focuses on IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance)-a technology which helps to monitor and secure the areas of interest with the software detecting threats and suspicious activities. This is relatively a new technology helping prevent crime and assurance of safe and protective environment.


TECHNOVIEW provides world class access control system which also can integrates RF and Biometric Technologies. With more than a decade experience providing integrated access control system, TECHNOVIEW has transformed as a leader in this field. We are partnered with global brands such as HID, SMART-I, Honeywell, Spectra, IDCUBE and many more.

TECHNOVIEW is specialized in Security & Administration and Facility Management sectors, and uses its specialization to serve all business verticals, with specific solutions for each of them. Our team understand the varying requirements related to the security and management of the facility and administration of various organizations, provides a range of solutions as per the customer demands

Our products/solutions are used by various companies to achieve greater profitability, whilst enabling a secure environment and better management of their facility. The Solution is in constant process of Innovation, and is expected to expand its range.

TECHNOVIEW has highly skilled team in providing professional systems/solution which integrates pedestrian barriers, turnstiles and boom barriers.

TECHNOVIEW also provides enterprise solutions on Visitor management, Canteen Management, Vehicle management and integrates the same with Access management and HRIS.


TECHNOVIEW has emerged as a key player providing world class solutions on addressable fire detection, suppression and extinguishers. Each year fire is responsible for billions of losses worldwide, not to mention the often sad loss of life which can have devastating effects on families and businesses. Naturally, therefore, many properties are required by legislation to install and maintain appropriate fire alarm & protection system. Directives suggest that, in the near future, such legislation will be increased with even those properties not currently required to have a full fire alarm system, required to provide basic detection systems. Whatever your particular requirement, be it a simple conventional system or a complex analogue addressable system, it is important to choose a company who understands the requirements and has the technical ability and resources to undertake the project. The company must have the support service to ensure compliance with requirements both during installation and for ongoing maintenance.


TECHNOVIEW INFOSOLUTION provide professional public address and voice alarm system which are of high quality. Our solutions are world class with renowned brands such as Bosch, Bose, Ahuja etc. The products and solutions are very much time tested, highly reliable and rugged. Other than vice alarm controllers, zone selectors, amplifiers, speakers, microphones and accessories we are also specialized in audio networking, public addressing over IP and 2-way voice system.


TECHNOVIEW INFOSOLUTION is a pioneering installer and solution provider in building and energy management systems. We provide total solution for commercial, institutional and other various portfolios. Our professional design and implementation team integrates HVAC, Lighting, CCTV, Fire, Access Control and energy Management Solution with BMS. Security and access systems can instruct HVAC and lighting systems when the building is occupied; fire systems can control lifts; CCTV systems can be used to check fire alarms; heating systems can interact with cooling systems - the list goes on.
Users and occupants feel better, because the system is responding to them more. At the end of the day, the system automatically responds by changing operation as the staff leaves - late workers don't get colder. Real intelligent control is possible. Better control not only brings happier occupants; energy-savings increase, because energy is used only when needed. The state-of-the-art solutions are highly efficient, easy to use and provide at most comfort level for users and occupants. Though solutions are cost efficient, the same generates low maintenance and operational costs. Benchmarking the best level of quality standards, TECHNOVIEW INFOSOLUTION team assure you cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs.


TECHNOVIEW is a specialized in Home Automation dealing with specified requirements of homes in the usage of easy-to-use technologies for security and comforts of the residents. We provide intelligent Video Door Phones, Intrusion Detection System, Automatic gates and doors for residences and converts the residence to an intelligent home by integrating all the above with Home Automation Products/Solutions Home automation includes most of all that a building automation provides like the climate controls, door and window controls and security etc plus additionally controlling multimedia home theatres, pet feeding, plant watering, blinds and so on. We emphasize more towards comfort, ease of operation and also aesthetics. With the fast development in technology, our offering includes - wireless home automation system, smart phone integration, web based consoles and IP based models. TECHNOVIEW offerings in domestic systems are easy to use and install, completely modular in design and expandable to meet future requirements. Our home automation systems offer a number of immediate and future benefits which will definitely simplify the day-to-day life for our customers.